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World-class engineering solutions

We offer solutions based on comprehensive understanding of technologies and business processes, that enables the organizations in a variety of industries to develop faster and work better. Our experience covers the various stacks of technologies and approaches to development.

Handling and operating of the modern information systems include a complex of interrelated activities: development, testing, deployment, configuration, and monitoring. The competent and efficient organization of these processes is the key to a successful and long life of the software package.

The systems for source code storage, automated assembly and deployment, modular, functional and integration testing, system for continuous assembly and delivery of operating modules, system for management of the equipment and virtualization, orchestration of large arrays of running machines, comprehensive monitoring of the equipment, software and business indices-this is an incomplete list of tools, which we use every day at our sites and customers.

Creation, maintenance and operation of the modern information systems is a continuous process. Many programs are in continuous development. The development vector does not stand still, it follows the market trends and internal logic of the company’s development. Because of this, it is crucially important at each moment to adapt your work to the current situation without losing development in the right strategic direction. This is the modern world of IT. The industry-recognized methodology for working in such dynamic environment is the agile methodology. Our company applies it almost everywhere in all areas of the production process.

We do not require the customer to prepare a comprehensive technical task in advance, which we will strictly follow in the development process. We are ready to start working immediately, gradually forming a complete picture as the project progresses. Instead of one large task, we propose to formulate several small tasks and solve them separately, with control of the spent resources and obtained result. Project management that is transparent to the customer ensures that the process is developing in the right direction and meets the budget and deadlines.

The evolution of the information systems is steadily leading to a rapidly growing amount of the accumulated information. Development of the equipment capabilities makes it possible to store successfully the huge amounts of the data. However, it is not only enough to store the information, you need to be able to process it and benefit from it.
Big Data technologies allow you to build and apply the complex algorithms to the huge amounts of the data. Our experience in development of the information systems allows us to use the right modern approaches to the data organization. The powerful storage systems coupled with efficient and flexible data formats make our solutions ready and “friendly” to Big Data tools.
One of the most developed and popular modern approaches to the information analysis is, of course, the mathematical statistical apparatus. We offer our customers the powerful, state-of-the-art systems to prepare the analytical reports, which serve as an indispensable tool in business management and management decision-making.
The other actively developing area of information processing is the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We have experience in development of the specialized systems solving the specific application tasks in business. The AI algorithms, correctly and appropriately applied to the company’s accumulated data, give a tangible and understandable return, and become a noticeable element of competitive advantage.

The Java programming language and technology platform present a mature, modern technology. It allows you to solve the problems and create the software products of any scale – from small auxiliary utilities to large and complex software systems for servicing at the enterprise or government structure. For the Java-based software systems there are no practical restrictions on selection of the equipment, operating systems, application servers, and protocols — the customer always has several options, including free one or with minimal license restrictions.

Basing our work on Java, we provide the customer with access to a huge accumulated totality of IT products. The rich variety of available libraries and algorithms allows us to be sure that we will be able to offer the optimal solution to the problem, keeping within the reasonable time and resources.
Our company has extensive and diverse experience in the development, implementation and support of the Java software systems. We are able to design and develop solutions “from scratch”, moving together with the customer from the idea formation to its full implementation. We can also take “maintenance” of the existing system for its maintenance and development.
Our experience and best practices in Java allow us to solve problems efficiently. The systems we develop are reliable and long-lived.

We develop the software tools for digitalization of production using the industrial Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The main area of work is creation of the industrial IoT solution for diagnostics and forecasting of the state of the industrial equipment for the purpose to increase its operation efficiency and reduce the operating costs. The diagnostic systems developed by our company are successfully used at many industrial enterprises in the Russian Federation, including monitoring of the state of the equipment at operated NPPs.

These solutions help to control the equipment degradation, apply the preventive measures by predicting the equipment failures, and extend the service life, reduce the repair program.

The fast and reliable communication channels have become widespread and are now available to almost everyone. On the other hand, many software systems have become so complex that only the specialized IT companies can develop, implement, and maintain them. These two trends are driving the rapid growth and popularity of the cloud technologies – outsourcing of the information and technology services. We offer our customers a full range of services on cloud technologies:

  • creation of the private cloud for reorganization of the IT infrastructure and its transformation into a service-oriented one
  • connection of the external cloud services to the internal elements of the information system

Our technical experts will help you in navigation in the complex and confusing “cloud world”, take into account the emerging risks and rationally assess the obtained benefits.

Development tools

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js, Angular, React, Single Page Applications (SPA), LESS, PostCSS, RequireJS, ES6 Modules, Webpack, Gulp, Google Closure Compiler, jQuery, Backbone.js, REST, WebSockets, SVG, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Bootstrap

Java SE/EE, Servlets/JSP, JavaFX, Swing, Hibernate, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Eclipse RCP, OSGi, Groovy, OpenSAML, JasperReports, Spring, WebServices, XML/XSD/DTD

Alfresco, NGINX, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Undertow, Spark Framework, HAProxy, JBoss/Wildfly, GlassFish, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, ZooKeeper, Zanata, Pentaho, OpenCms, Power BI, 1C, Atlassian

Zabbix, Graphite, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), JUnit, Selenium, Yandex Allure, JMeter, Splunk, Ansible, Chef, Puppet

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Apache CouchDB, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server

С#, Qt, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, SharePoint, Web API, Entity Framework, WCF, WPF