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Adaptation of databases

Development and adaptation of databases for data transmission


«Kvant Program» offers services aimed at database development. We create customized databases to enable various data processing. Nowadays it is almost impossible to think of a company (a firm or an organization) where there is no need for processing a certain volume of data. Data need to be stored somewhere. Data can dynamically change or be accumulated in large volumes. Data need to be retrieved from the array on the basis of some criteria. Unlike processing Excel-documents that can severely hamper the processing, working with databases can save you from the need to process large Excel-files, filling out extra papers and help to save money and time when performing various tasks.

Stages of Database development and implementation:

Contacting «Kvant Program»

Pre-design analysis

Requirements Specification Compilation

Database creation and development of the required software


Database implementation on site

Personnel training


What problems are solved with the help of databases?

  • Structured data storage to ensure easy access to data
  • Storage of large volumes of data (documents, information)
  • Fast data search and instantaneous results in any format
  • Limitation of access to data for employees according to their areas of responsibility
  • Obtaining statistic data, reports, revenues and profits per individual segments of business to make data analysis easy («end-to-end analytics»)

What can be stored in such data bases? Such databases can store various information:

  • Price-lists
  • Information about customers
  • Sales catalogue
  • personnel’s reports
  • any procedures performed in the company
  • design, statistic and any other data the volume of which is bigger than two lines

Therefore, our company can offer customized development of databases to meet the needs of your business capable to be basis for the functional and productive business automation system the implementation of which can have a strong economic effect.


Databases are created in accordance with a conceptual framework that describes data and their interrelations. They are intended to meet the informational needs of a company.
Our company offers a full range of services aimed at the creation of data structure, data collection and electronic database provisioning based on our customers’ needs and requirements.  We build database structure, do database provisioning and maintenance and offer an opportunity for the users to make their own report forms using data retrieval based on the logical queries.


Development and adaptation of classification codes catalogue

Equipment technical record

Work aimed at matching data structures of different informational systems

A database is based on the correct and complete description of data structure, data bonds and basic attributive characteristics. For that purpose we have developed classification codes of complex production facilities that serve as a basis for the development of database of equipment technical  record IT system. For a classification code to be developed, the information about production facilities used in a company is analyzed; database structure and reference data rules are built up and described by means of IT. Dictionaries and reference books are arranged, cleared and verified based on the regulatory and technical documentation.

Technical data classification code catalogue specifies:

  • Names of classes
  • Subordination of production facilities within the classification structure
  • Classification attributes
  • Determination of attributive composition
  • Structure bonds assignment
  • Formation of dictionaries

We have a unique experience in the creation of classification codes of nuclear power engineering facilities, information models. To create and check them, we involve largest specialized research bodies and top experts.

Equipment technical record

In order to enable the efficient operation of production facilities that are operators of engineering objects all technical documentation including certificates, logbooks, operating and maintenance programs for each object, process flow diagrams, functional diagrams associated with certificates must be available and easily accessible.
This is made possible by equipment technical record systems that our company creates. We perform the activities aimed at data collection, processing, arrangement, prioritization based on the developed and approved Technical data classification codes catalogue.
The data collection is made by our specialists based on the technical archives of the enterprises, documentation available locally and in the company branches in soft and hard copies that are scanned for subsequent data processing and digitization. Lost technical data about the production facilities are restored through expert reviews.
The final stage of equipment record work is data processing and provisioning of dedicated centralized and distributed databases where technical data are associated with companion operating documents and media and objects are associated with interactive graphic materials with connectivity between the objects. 
There is a special focus in each information system on the arrangement of a centralized storage of normative-reference information that enables normative-reference data storage, processing and provision. The functionality has tools for keeping reference books and classification code catalogues and object search tools based on logical queries.

Integration work aimed at matching data structures of different information systems of a company
The work aimed at the integration of information systems is based on database structures comparison. The existing data structures of different information systems are inspected and an integrated data structure is designed with the elaboration of  data maintenance procedures in different information systems, implementation of integration schemes and generation of a single data model and database.