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Augmented Reality


Developing Augmented Reality

«Kvant Program» uses augmented reality techniques to implement your projects. Economy, culture, world of game universe – this promising trend is sought-after wherever there is growth and success.

Augmented reality is a technique allowing supplementing the physical world with digital (virtual) data on the real time basis i.e. adding virtual entities to the existing environment which offers new opportunities for business.

Any gadget equipped with a camera or a dedicated device can be used for this purpose.

Who will benefit from it and what effect it will provide?

We are ready for collaboration with our customers in a number of fields such as:

  • Architecture and construction. Using a dedicated code, the Customer can get an idea of the object under construction at the conceptual (or bid) phase. A camera-equipped smartphone or other device with the installed application can be used for this purpose. The device will put the object in the real environment or animate the required part of the project by presenting it as a detailed 3D-model.
  • Trade. A good illustration is using the technique in clothing shops: when you try a chosen item on without going to a changing room: you just select it using a dedicated device that has an augmented reality application installed.
  • Travel industry.In this case the augmented reality application will allow the user to gain maximum useful information about the object of interest by directing his or her smart device at it.

It is much more than that. This technique is being widely applied by our customers in advertising, education, medicine, entertainment industry and other fields. If you need specific cases to illustrate this, we are eager to provide them.

Augmented reality: developing applications of any complexity level

 «Kvant Program» has experience in the creation of software products with any complexity level of the technique under discussion. From our company you can order:

  • Augmented reality games.
  • Play-for-fun applications.
  • Brand name software products with augmented reality elements.
  • Codes for various devices and platforms (iOS and Android devices, PCs running Windows or Linux etc.).

Contact «Kvant program» and we will create an augmented reality application of any complexity level and offer solution for any particular purpose. We know how your concept can come true.

Augmented reality is a technique of adding virtual data to the real life – to 3D human perception field making these data perceived as real life. If the quality of the content is high, the boundaries between reality and artificial world are blurred. The reality expands or is supplemented due to the assimilation of virtual data.

In other words, when augmented reality is created, objects are placed in the everyday life on the real-time basis using the following dedicated software and gadgets:

  • augmented reality goggles («smart goggles»),
  • tablets,
  • smartphones with AR capability and other gadgets.

The reason in favor of developing this segment is that the augmented reality technique is an optimal marketing tool to amaze,catch someone’s eye and cause WOW-effect.

How does AR technology work?

Augmented reality world has the following characteristics:

  1. combines virtual and real;
  2. interacts real-time;
  3. worksin3D.

In order to create an augmented reality, you need a processor, a display, a camera and localizing electronic device such as accelerometer, GPS and compass. A touch-screen smartphone has everything necessary for its owner to immerse in the AR world.

AR applications work in the following way:

  1. A dedicated mark is used.
  2. The mark is read by the mobile device or computer.
  3. Additional data are displayed on screen.

It is not problematic to use AR projects, for instance you direct the camera at an object and have on screen text comments, photos or video or all at a time.

Where can AR technology be applied?

Opportunities for AR technique are infinite, it can be applied in all spheres of human activity.

What are the advantages of using AR technologies?

A variety of advantages can be found due to using AR technologies for product/ services promotion and sales.

  • A strong emotional response is guaranteed due to agent characters becoming part of our everyday life – for example, appearing in shopping malls and causing astonishment and admiration. Strong emotions are crucial for marketing and advertising.
  • Involvement and interaction contribute to better memorizing and build-up of loyalty to the brand.
  • Easy data retrieval contributes to sustained memorizing.
  • AR technology enables interaction with the artificial world by way of gadgets. This is the greatest advantage of AR over virtual reality.
  • Viral effect. All advertising campaigns where hybrid reality is engaged cause strongest emotions; that is why the best advertising tool starts to work – that of information spreading from person to person  drawing attention to the brand.
  • Connection of Digital and Off-line.
  • Product 3D presentation ensures involvement of prospective consumer in the process of product study especially where it is possible to break down the picture into layers.
  • WOW-factor – plays an important role in the formation of impressions produced by a product or a service.

This all leads to the increase of loyalty to brand and enlargement of the brand target audience.

What solutions do we offer for the creation of augmented reality?

Work on the augmented reality requires strong professional skills, experience and availability of technology-intensive resources and equipment. We make every effort to promote AR technologies on the national market.

We solve the tasks of any complexity level and serve our customers on the “turn-the-key” basis: beginning with the concept development, creation of scenarios, content creation, technical preparation and ending with the project implementation on site. The projects aimed at the creation of augmented reality are developed to be used both with AR goggles and on IPhone, IPad and other gadgets with AR functions.

If you are not sure which technology —  3d Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) — meets your marketing needs and helps to achieve your business goals, we can analyze the situation together on the basis of the terms of reference and we will offer a strategically optimal solution to be implemented by our company later on.

What makes up the costs and what are the stages of work?

The costs of each project implementation are calculated individually based on the terms of reference or brief provided by the customer.

The following factors are taken into consideration when the project costs are calculated:

  • Costs of software development.
  • Design development costs (rendering of 3D-models, interfaces, animation etc.) depend on the complexity of the scenario, quality of the hero silhouettes, graphics peculiarities.
  • Costs of rent of equipment for augmented reality or virtual reality (based on the number of working shifts).
  • Costs of personnel work on site.

Stages of work on the project