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Innovative developments

Innovative Software Developments for Sophisticated Systems


        Our company offers full range of services aimed at the development, implementation and integration of innovative software solutions for complex systems: requirements gathering and development of technical specifications, architecture design, technical solution development and integration, IT system implementation and support. Our personnel have gained plenty of expert level experience in software development and IT system creation.

The development can be based on the project outsourcing or dedicated development center. Projectoutsourcingimplies transfer of project management to our company with the key project solutions kept by the customer. The outsourcing can be applicable when the company lacks its own resources for high-quality support of project management processes or competence in the field of project management. Thededicateddevelopmentcenter is used for long-term projects with a dedicated team gathered and software-hardware environment arranged. This model is efficient when the company has a high task intensity on a continuing basis and a large number of IT systems where unconventional innovative solutions in the field of software development are required.

        Our company has obtained the necessary licenses issued by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of RF, Federal Security Service and offers information protection services.
Our personnel have competence in dealing with up-to-date databases (MS SQL Server, ORACLE, mysql and others). It is possible to develop applications using various computer programming languages (JAVA,
С++, NET  and others). The servers of applications Apache/Tomcat, JBOSS, Glassfish are used for cloud and mobile solutions development. User WEB- interface is available via the browser MS Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, using mobile devices is also possible.

«Kvant Program» offers full range of services beginning with the Customer requirements specification compilation and business processes formalizing and ending with software development and support:

Our company has all the necessary competencies for software development for a variety of tasks and customers:

  • Development and implementation of business management systems;
  • Implementation of automated data acquisition and reporting systems;
  • CRM development for banking and commercial sector;
  • Creation of automated workstations for senior officers, users, managers etc.;
  • Development of mobile solutions for business;
  • Integration of business applications
  • Financial management;
  • Asset management;
  • Project management;
  • Procurement management;
  • Personnel administration;
  • Sales, marketing and service management;
  • Logistic management and traffic administration;
  • Production management;
  • Document management;
  • Communication and knowledge management;
  • Mobile solutions;
  • Call center management
  • I&C and Industry-wide diagnostic systems
  • Solutions for industrial automation;
  • Industrial controller programming;
  • Commercial development of software;
  • Banking and financial software;
  • Server application development.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX;
  • Oracle Hyperion и BI;
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM;
  • EMC Documentum;
  • Microsoft SharePoint;
  • Ortems APS;
  • Java;
  • Oracle WebCenter;
  • Oracle Database;
  • EMC Captiva.
  • IT;
  • Analytical;
  • Information analysis system;
  • Payment processors;
  • Workflow system;
  • Automation;
  • Monitoring;
  • Task management system;
  • Application management system;
  • Personnel management system;
  • Data bases.
  • Special-purpose hardware;
  • Education;
  • Complex software;
  • Electronic equipment

As and advanced project, «Kvant Program» considers its participation in the creation of the national global software-hardware suite aimed at the full life cycle management of complex systems

      This project is planned to be implemented by a consortium of leading national and foreign software developers. It is planned that as a result of the above collaboration, on the national market will emerge a unique system capable of solving the acute issues of imports phase-out and information security aimed at the maintenance of the life cycle of complex systems including those of nuclear industry. In the course of the project implementation, national information technologies will be developed that will enable the creation of complicated engineering facilities. This software-hardware suite will provide a basis for design, manufacture and support of all stages of complex system life cycle in line with the current technological horizon.

      With the goals achieved, the maximum level of information security will be ensured that will allow preserving the know-how in the country in terms of innovative solutions. The analysis of the situation with regard to software and hardware components used at the enterprises confirms that the domestic content is much smaller as compared to the foreign content. This apparently makes the national industry dependent on the foreign software suppliers in many industry branches. Talking about the stages of full life cycle of complex technological systems the exclusive domination of foreign software is observed that is in charge of implementation of each life cycle stage separately or of the full life cycle management.

      The task set to our project is to develop new national solutions based on the up-to-date technologies and scientific achievements. The development strong points are aiming at the national standards and best industrial practices, elimination of political and technological dependence on foreign manufacturers and ensuring the information security of industrial enterprises, including those of fuel and energy complex.

«Kvant Programm» has made significant achievements in different components of the project claimed. To begin with, they are developments in the field of engineering analysis, 3D simulation systems and software creation systems for I&C and industry-wide diagnostic system

      Having in mind the life cycle of complex engineering projects, it is offered to develop the basic products of classes (CAx, PDM, PPM, CAPP, MRO, EAM, MES, ERP)within the national software suite. The product line with the requirements to all the system components will be amended on the basis of the results of the first year’s work on the project. At all stages the currently available solutions will be tested on site and feedback will be requested. Since 2017 it is planned to start a series of pilot projects aimed at the software implementation at complex engineering and facilities. After 7 years have been spent on development, a follow-up plan will be made aimed at the improvement and continuous support of the solutions created.