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The number of games for PlayStation VR will be almost doubled in 2018

According to Japanese financial journal Nikkei, in 2018 Sony plans to increase the number of game for PlayStation VR from 150 to 280. The product-line expansion is 80% related to the sales of more than two millions of PS VR  opening new prospects and enabling active investments in the platform.

The success of the platform is based on several factors including, in addition to hit games, over 50 million of supporters of  PlayStation ecosystem with PS4 consoles, relatively cheap helmet and excellent quality of the product. All this has contributed to 12 millions of copies of VR games bought by the users of the gadget.

Due to the fact that Nikkei report covers mostly the Japanese market, the forecasts about other countries’ markets can be very crude. Not all Japanese games are supplied to PSN shops abroad  and this rule has a reverse effect with regard to foreign designs in Japan.

In 2018 a new generation of PlayStation VRcan be released ,but the release is still questionable as the succession of goggles generation  is related to console updates. Nevertheless we can assume that the latest interim version of the gogglescan be compatible with the new console with limitations as well as the new goggles will become compatible with PS4 Pro with limitations. This is how the gradual transition to new developments can be made possible for consumers although this logic may not be shared by Sony.

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